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. the president is in california. he is dedicating the seas are chavez national monuments has fund-raisers up in san francisco. paul ryan is in ohio and in michigan. vice-president biden is practicing for his debate, which is thursday night in kentucky. you can watch a number of different cameras and events surrounding the debate. you can also follow tweets that are being tweeted about the vice-presidential debate. you can see our debate preview program beginning at 7:00 p.m. the debate begins at 9:00 p.m. and then falling we will get your reaction. erick is an antioch, california. what did you think of the speech? caller: not that much. during the debate i was really impressed with the governor, but at the convention there was not one word about any of this and now he is talking like it is the biggest issue. it sounds like leading from behind, which is what he criticized before. it seems like if mitt romney twins, it sounds like we're going to funding the military- industrial complex and not much else. that is all i have to say. host: roger from virginia on democrats line. caller: thank you
in north carolina, a seat in arkansas and a seat in indiana and a seat in california. we feel good about where we're going. we know this is going to be a tight election. and this is a crunch time for both of the parties. host: he goes on to handicap the balance of the house like this saying that republicans by no means have fallen into a sink hole here. they have a need to knock off between 35 and 40 g.o.p. incumbents yet today there are only 35 g.o.p. income bents and only eight in likely republican category. guest: well we need 25 seats to take back the house. and those are his rankings. what i can tell you is there are e6 seats across the country right now that president obama won in the last election that are controlled by lepcans or brand new seats not controlled by a democrat right now. we feel terrific about our prospects. we have 53 candidates right now on our program that highlights our best campaigns. that's twice the number of seats that we need to take back the majority. so there is presentty of capacity for us to take this back. washington, as you saw is continuing to move t
finance. >> you are looking at california right now. their massive increases in the costs. when consumers are paying for gasoline, they're not able to purchase their basic commodities every day. what is happening? governor brown is proposing a relaxation of regulation that impact energy industry. that is clearly a concession that regulation drives the costs of energy. we need to have the same focus of discussion in washington. what is happening in california can happen -- >> if you have a stool with two legs, it will fall over. look at what the canadians did with their cash cow. we can do spending, taxes, and energy with our cash cow. >> tom, you think this will happen with the makeup of the government we have today? >> i think when people figure out there is a big chunk of change and there is a debate of people trying to protect entitlements and those trying to kill energy, who are you going to bet on? >> in california -- it will save as much as 50 cents per gallon. they pay as much as $5 per gallon in california. california -- it is a scary thought. we can see the future. look at califo
of textbooks texas baez, along with california, they can drive education for the rest of the nation. that is what we saw all the support this year when they changed the text books to take out stuff dealing was later, and other issues come u. they understood how you take public policy and affect the minds of the next generation, and put this together, and they caught progressive liberals off guard, but actually it was the beginning of the republican takeover and texas of state boards of education. a lot of people think, can get low-hanging fruit and can have an impact on race. the last point, it use study most local school board races, virtually nobody votes in those races. there are people in major cities who are winning school board races with 300, 400 votes. and so understand get five people, you cannot have a majority, and for the business you can now determine contracts, bond programs. >> i hate to be the spokesperson for the dream act, but it has a provision were many more latinos will be a part of what they have to do, get a higher education, so it will improve our education.
california. i just called the dnc and told them i wanted to make a point. i think the president does not know, internally, that there are things going on that he does not know about. i told them that -- host: what specifically? what kind of things? caller: a lot of people think the president is no more than a postal mail clerk. he needs to tell the people in the debates that he is on top of what is going on internally. i told the dnc to tell him that he needs to tell the people that he knows what he is doing. i kind of think that he thinks everything is going smoothes, -- smooth, when it may not be. he needs to tell the people that he knows what he is doing. president nixon said, "i am the president, and what i say goes." host: president obama would get another turn at a debate. the next one a week from tonight, on long island. it will be a town hall format, the second of three debates. the final one is coming up on monday, the 22nd. the will focus on foreign policy. once again, virginia, our independent line. caller: how are you? the company i work for just got a new office "results. $700 mi
taxes. why should the rest of the country be supporting the high tax rates of california and new york? he also explained in the debate, this is a general proposal. we will argue about it, talk about it. i will take to the democrats and we will work out. even the tax policy center that claims this would be a $5 trillion tax cut for the rich has said, and men and then we were not talking all the deduction that could've been taken. we were just guessing. this is an opinion, not about what the result will be. republicans have a different opinion about the result. host: i want to open up the phone lines and invited to the conversation this morning. you can also send us a we will -- -- tweet. we will also put up our e-mail address. the new jobs numbers are out, so we want to have a chance to look at those and get her reaction to the political import of those. we should spend a few minutes on your book before we get to the calls. what is your thesis, what are you try to do with it? >> white guilt has never done anything for america. it has driven the race is far apart. i go through some of t
produced by a bunch of the idiotic people in california, nobody knew about it, it was on the internet, but islamists translated it into arabic, and luke released it into a plethora of television stations in egypt. islamists can on this issue in competition with the mainstream islamists. the leader of that country, and muslim brother, mursi, used in competition. you have two main groups using this issue as an excuse in their ongoing political fight. it is a political issue. from the date ayatollah issued the fatwa -- he needed that pretax trade same thing in pakistan, afghanistan. talk about the stupid tattoos against the prophet mohammad, or two years ago with a bigoted peace in florida who decided to , it is aboutns political power. then the secretary of state is that to the agent is a fantastic religion. he is entering into the crazy universe of these radical jihad teist. i believe every religion has its own ayatollah. it is a political issue. we are entering into the crazy universe and we lose. this is not religious, we're not gauged in religious disputation. we're dealing with soc
. he holds a ph.d. in economics from the university of california los angeles and a master of public policy from uc- berkeley. our second speaker is stephen fuller, the doctor is a professor of public policy and regional development at george mason university and has been there since 1994 parody served as director of the ph.d. program on public policy from july 1998 through june of 2000 and from july 2001 to july 2002. he served as director of the center for regional analysis. he previously taught at george washington university 25 years, including nine as chairman of the department of urban planning and real estate development and as director of a doctoral programs for the school business of public management. his research focuses on the changing structure of metropolitan area economies and especially on the impact of federal spending, including two studies completed within the past year that consider the economic effects of sequestration. in october 2011 he focused on the impact that a reduction of $45 billion in program spending from dod would have on the economy. in july this yea
in california of a heart attack, they could not even find calvin coolidge. of course, the punch line here is it is a shame they ever did. but the vice president would stay home. they did not even go to washington, d.c., in many cases. now they live in the naval observatory, but the first one to do so was walter mondale and it was not until the 1970's that the vice president even stayed in the city. there were no major airways in, roadways in, and they finally found coolidge, and there was no justice of the peace around. his father was basically a notary, and he took the oath with his father with his hand on the family bible in the living room. the role of the vice president has changed considerably, and i would give credit to both romney and obama for picking a vice presidential nominee that not only could help them get elected but could help them govern. i think these are both, to a degree, responsible selections in that respect. i think no matter who wins, we will see either ryan for biden -- or biden play a significant role over the next four years. >> we are previewing the upcoming de
department and fbi and others have that video. the video in california made by individual out there for a period of time also clearly had no direct effect on this attack. it was september 11, the 11th anniversary of the greatest terrorist attack in u.s. history in new york, pennsylvania, and at the pentagon. it was that anniversary that caused an organization aligned with al qaeda to attack and kill our personnel. i deeply appreciate secretary clinton's efforts to cooperate with this investigation. she stepped in and instructed her people to cooperate and they have. additionally, if i have had conversations directly with the secretary and i believe our service together since 2001 in the u.s. congress plays no small part in her recognition of the role we serve on both sides of the dome. today, however, this hearing has been called for the express purpose of examining security failures that led to the benghazi tragedy. safe-haven within the compound, which some state department officials seemed to think could protect the benghazi compound inhabitants, did not work. in retrospect
's citizens united decision, election year 2012 is awash in money, nearly drowning in what the late california political leader, who many years ago used to teach at the eagleton institute, he described it as, money, the mother's milk of politics. sometimes, we may need to change the diet. the political campaigning course that you have joined for tonight is remarkable in several ways. it received the highest possible scores for students satisfaction, making it one of the top rated courses here in new brunswick. the credit for that ranking post to the instructors, maggie moran, seated at the right of the chairs, might do hame, at the other end. they work with the system research professor dave anderson. maggie is a douglass college alumni, a regular at eagleton, since an before graduation, a widely admired and sought after democratic strategist. mike is also a record graduate, alumnus, who, as a matter of fact, to this very political campaigning course himself as an undergraduate. he describes himself as not an outstanding student. i will leave you to judge where he has gone from there. today, m
by the gentleman from california. >> i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to section 3-b of house resolution 788, the house stands adjourned until 10:00 a.m. on friday, october 12, twelve. -- 2012. there. unfortunately, c-span does not control the cameras instead of the house. we are not able to show you the continuation. there are a number of democratic members and their aides on the house floor. over the past several weeks, democratic members have come to the floor to call on republican leadership to bring congress back to work. the next legislative session will be november 13. meanwhile, in washington, a group of senators, formally known as the gang of six, now 8, a meeting in mount vernon to talk about the so-called fiscal cliff, the aspiring tax cuts, the sequestered budget cuts, including senator chambliss. talking about the pending january 1 deadline. any news, we will bring to you. 15 years ago today, c-span
drove across country. we were headed for california. we stopped in nevada for the day. we never left. my dad was a waiter. on a waiter's salary, he put food on our table, clothes on our back, and two daughters through college. i worked my way through college as a waitress, a cocktail waitress, and a shoeshine girl. i think it is my job to make sure people who come after me have the same opportunities my family had when we first came to nevada. thank you. >> thank you. thank you to my opponent for being here tonight. thank you so much. i grew up here in nevada with five brothers and sisters. my father was a mechanic and a mother was a school cook. my father created his own business. took him years. hard work. the government did not help. there were certain important principles he lived by. if you work hard every day you get an opportunity to succeed. not a guarantee, but an opportunity. he also believed if you play by the rules, you would be rewarded. if you did not, there would be consequences. it is amazing how much this country has changed in the last four years. the results of this ch
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)